AL-KAINAH: Journal of Islamic Studies is a multi-disciplinary publication, dedicated to the scholarly study of all aspects of Islam and focused on Islamic studies, receives articles from researchers who have new and progressive issues on scholarly study of all aspects of Islam related to its teachings resources, thoughts, philosophy, geography, history, law, political science, economics, education, culture, anthropology, sociology, literature, Islamic propagation, communication, psychology, science and technology, international relations, environmental and developmental issues, as well as ethical questions related to scientific research available in the Nusantara territories. The journal also covers contemporary Islamic issues emerging in the Southeast Asia territories or countries. We invite and appreciate writers who write any English or Arabic scientific work in the form of both research report and significant opinion on Islamic studies and issues mentioned above. Any work published in this journal does not represent this journal editorial board’s opinion and perspective, but merely its writer findings and thought. For this reason, it is essential that the writer is fully responsible for whatever he, she or they wrote.